Child Sleep Philosophy

I believe that the most effective approach is a balanced one – both parent and child play an important role in the success of sleep guidance.  The parent’s role includes:

  1. Laying the groundwork for good sleep: there are certain foundations that should be addressed before commencing with any sort of ‘sleep coaching’.
  2. A commitment to consistency. This avoids confusion and makes the learning process easier.

With those factors in place, the child is then able to learn to fall asleep independently. This is a skill that children can learn if we allow them to. However, it does not mean they have to be left alone. I encourage parents to reassure their child throughout the sleep learning process. As for specific methods, I lean toward gentle options, with a priority on forming an approach that parents are comfortable with.


Every Sleep Coach is different, and may place more or less value on different aspects. I believe addressing any possible external factors (schedule, nutrition, sleep environment, emotional needs, etc.) before commencing with ‘sleep training’. Sometimes the external factors are the main issue – yet this can easily be missed.  I am very ‘hands-on’ and will regularly review sleep logs to monitor your child’s progress and remain in close communication with you. My support period is longer than most because I do not want families to feel rushed – we will move at the pace that works for your child.

As I mentioned – consistency is key. But consistency can easily be derailed when you are questioning yourself and/or your approach (sleep deprivation doesn’t help with this!). That is where the support and encouragement of a professional Sleep Consultant can be invaluable. Contact me today to find out how some changes on your part could mean years of better sleep for your family.