Success Stories

We are sooooooo happy! The information and routine that you gave us has been so helpful! Kinley is pretty much only getting up once a night to eat (which is totally ok with me) and napping so well during the day!  Amazing!!! 🙂 🙂 Thank you again!”     Kelly, mom of 7 month old

“I am a single mom and I was at my wits end. From three months on my son woke an average of four times a night to eat. I was worried because I’d be going back to work soon and with the lack of sleep I just wasn’t able to function anymore! When he was around 7.5 months I took Michelle’s Baby Sleep Webinar and got some good tips. I was already doing a lot of the basic stuff but he was stuck in a cycle of eating all night and not hungry in the day – so I decided to contact Michelle for a personal phone consultation. She advised that he didn’t need to eat so often in the night, but didn’t push me to wean completely from night feeds as she knew I wasn’t comfortable with that! I was also really unsure about letting him cry it out, so Michelle suggested a gentler method. The first few nights were very, VERY hard. But within a few nights we were already having a better time! Now he’s nine months old and usually wakes just once in the night for a feed!  I’ve had seven hour stretches of sleep, I’ve had five hour stretches of sleep and it truly is amazing and wonderful. And my son has a much better appetite now! So, thank you Michelle! I couldn’t have done it without you and I’m so so happy that I did!!”  Nadine, mother of 9 month old

“Thank you for all of your help!  We seriously can’t believe how fast our son caught on and we are blown away. We feel like we are living a whole different life and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  My husband will be out of town lots in the next couple months so it makes my life so much more bearable and easy to deal with.  For the first time in 7 months I’ve had some time to myself, some time with my husband, and I haven’t been a crazy person from being so sleep deprived.  Lol.”  Katie & Mark, parents of 7 month old Micah

“When we first contacted you, our family was struggling with being sleep deprived.   Our son was not sleeping through the night and naps barely existed.  My husband and I were desperate for a change. On our first phone call you gave us hope that Liam’s sleep could change with a little bit of hard work and commitment.  While I must admit, there were some difficult days, you were always there for us.  You developed a plan that worked for our family and the support you provided by phone and email encouraged us and ensured we stayed on track. Within two weeks, Liam was sleeping through the night and having two naps a day.  Our lives changed when we started this process with you!  You provided us with the tools and knowledge to help our baby to sleep. Our son is such a happy baby now, which means both my husband and I are happier and we enjoy the time we all get to spend together.  It is amazing that getting enough sleep has made me feel like I am a better mother and wife!  I have been sharing my success story with everyone I know and recommend your services to friends and family throughout Canada.  We can’t thank you enough and we truly appreciate everything you have done for us!”  Nicole, mom of 10 month old

“Having michelle’s support was one of the most pivotal points in my new parenting experience. I had a baby that was sleeping & eating well, and following a schedule by the book – then suddenly became unable to sleep on his own.  I was losing confidence as a mom and was “afraid” of my own childMichelle was able to provide me the consistent support and assuraAri - 3 Monthsnce I needed – much like what I needed to provide my son while giving him the opportunity to learn to sleep on his own and develop his sleeping skills. Her recommendations were tailored to my own baby’s needs and my own concerns as a mother. She helped me focus on important things in what can be an overwhelming and consuming journey. She is an excellent listener and has strong empathy skills. The end result was not “fixing” our baby but a laying down a foundation for both our baby’s sleep and for us as parents in tackling future sleep challenges as they come (ie. teething, regressions, changing needs.) Even more, our son’s improvement has surprised me – it taught me to give my child the benefit of the doubt, to give him the ability to learn and develop skills independently, and how to support him as he sees it through. Michelle’s is knowledgeable and current with her recommendations. She is passionate and compassionate. I know i will look for her advice and support again.”  Pauline & Todd from Edmonton, AB

“Michelle, I owe you such a huge thank you for all you have done for our son and our family! After struggling for months with our first baby and her sleep issues, we knew we needed to do something different with our second child, right from the start! I found your step by step advise to be so helpful and best of all, practical! Your encouragement to stay the course and be consistent was the best advice we could have received! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us, sleep (for the whole family) has changed our lives!”          Nicki E., Red Deer, Alberta

“Michelle has been a life saver! As new parents we did tons of research on how to help our baby sleep but with so much conflicting information it felt like we had tried every different method and nothing had worked. Michelle created a custom nap and bedtime routine to fit our baby, no more guess work! On top of that, she gave us flexible support to help with any new questions and challenges we faced. In a little less than 4 weeks our 4 month old went from midnight bedtimes and 20 minute catnaps to 3 naps a day and an 8:30 bedtime!”        Jen B., Edmonton, Alberta

“Everything is going very well!  He is completely weaned off [nursing to sleep at bedtime] and sleeps through the night99.9% of the time. I appreciate everything you did for us and the information you provided!  Sleep training was the hardest thing we did but Michelle you provided us with the encourgment and information we needed to be successful. Thank you.”      Jen and Chris, Spruce Grove, Alberta

“Thank you so much for your help!  With your knowledge and encouragement we were able to tackle our daughters sleep habits.  Within a week our six month old went from being nursed to sleep and waking nightly, to falling asleep on her own and sleeping eleven to twelve hours 99% of the time!!!  Within two weeks with your constant support we were even able to lengthen those pesky power naps too!!!”     Kirsten S., Edmonton, Alberta

“After looking over our answers of her brief questionnaire, Michelle saw some areas that could be worked on and gave us several recommendations. It was hard to change our habits but….I am happy to say we have a two year old who naps again and is asleep by 8 pm (only 4 days later). Thank you Michelle.”   Angela S., Calgary, Alberta

“With Michelle’s advice, we have a happy little girl at nap time and bedtime. I couldn’t believe that by slightly changing her schedule, it would make a huge difference. With no more crying and fighting at sleep time, I am one happy momma. All we had to do was change her eating and sleeping schedule to make things better and I would not have realized that without Michelle. Thanks for your help and always being there for any questions I have.” Julia R., Edmonton

 “I cannot thank you enough for ALL the help you’ve been. I am very much so enjoying the full night sleeps and getting much more done around the house during the day. Not to mention my anxiety and stress levels are at an all time low again! 🙂 you absolutely are a saviour. Thank you.”  Krystal P.

” I just want to say thank you so much for all your help and support through this. I always found your email responses thoughtful, supportive and clear to follow. Our family is so fortunate to finally be getting more sleep and we are all benefiting because of it. I will recommend you to any friends of mine that have the same difficulty with a child who doesn’t sleep.”   Anne from Calgary, mother of toddler

“How did you get so good at this?! 🙂 we are so happy with her sleep now … the support and the effectiveness really surpassed my expectations.”    Elise, mother of 6 month old

“I found it reassuring that what I was experiencing was normal. That I’m not the only one who has a child that transitions sleep patterns. Michelle’s method of communication is excellent even via email. Michelle seems like a very compassionate, caring and understanding individual. I didn’t meet her in person however it feels as though I have. Wish I would have asked for this sooner.”  M from Calgary, mother of 18 month old

“We really appreciated Michelle’s help. Caroleena wasn’t the worst sleeper but her sleep had got very off track and with Michelle’s help she’s sleeping better than ever. I didn’t realize such small modifications can make such a big difference!”  Sarah, mother of 8 month old





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